Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Havana Diet Mocha Cappuccino Review

The rather mannish women is granted unfortunate emphasis on the bottle, an inconsistent image with pouty bee-stung lips and then with thick painted lines as hair. She just does not look right, but with generic fonts and stock textures and images of coffee beans, the rest of the poorly shrink-wrapped can does not far much better.

For being ninety nine percent fat free, fair fattiness wets the tongue, though the glaring artificiality of the sweetness still burns the palate. The Arabica coffee taste offers enough tasty bitterness and nuances considering it is diet and flavored, with the alkali processed cocoa bringing complementing mocha complexities to each sip. But the experience feels restricted thanks to its low carb fate, because with quality coffee taste and adequate adiposeness, the synthetic saccharinity stagnates what could have been a much more successful beverage.

There is not much energy to be had, expectedly lasting about two hours and was of mediocre strength. But honestly, not too shabby for a non-energy cappuccino. In the end, I have certainly had much better, but a quick look at the "Your Drink Sucks" of years past prove I have had much worse.

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