Monday, January 7, 2013

Angles Aphroenergy Drink Review

Golden like Caffeine Free Diet Coke, this eight ounce drink comes in a bland bullet-can. With horny goat weed it is intended to stimulate your trouser snake as well as give you energy for, well you know, using your trouser snake. But while I commend the company for not taking the dirty or juvenile path with the can, their attempt at sophistication comes at the cost of personality.

Uncharismatically carbonated, there is an apple taste initially hardly sweet. There is a sugary bite further along, but the beginning flavor relies more on its sourness. There is a fairly vinous characteristic too, the most subdued in an experience subdued itself. There are addled notes of citrus, mostly lemon really, hardly defined and transparently tasted without any arguable depth. But at a small eight ounces, there is more than enough complication to keep you guessing, but fortunately the sips are inviting enough to make that enjoyable.

Each can contains: caffeine, horny goat weed, ginseng, taurine, ginkgo, guarana, B vitamins, damiana, among others. There was not too much energy from this, a buzz lasting an hour and a half. For randiness however, I did not feel too much going own down there (as the missus chimes in "like always"). On the whole, despite the admittedly creative concupiscent artifice, Angles Aphroenergy lacks the makings of a good energy drink.

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