Saturday, January 5, 2013

Amp Boost Energy Drink Review

Amp Boost seems to be simply a can redesign different from the amp we all remember, but supposedly this is a complete reformulation. But right now let us concentrate on its new appearance, which is surprisingly clean and overall attractive. Done away are many of the useless text which began to plague the line when they hastily released numerous varieties, and gone is any mention to its original sister product Mtn Dew. Even though there is some accumulation towards the very bottom, the light green canister is a refreshing overhaul.

The scent is incredibly familiar, but its taste seems to have been matured since it and my palate last met. The flavor is still an aggregate of citrus overtones, namely an olio of orange and lemon, with the actual body consisting of melon and apple. The pine variety of the latter appears twirling within the experience, with a squirt of bland pear weighing in to uselessly bulk things a bit. The aftertaste is namely a pleasant melody of all that has been exposed, all abridged and tasting even more simple. Nothing within any sip would be mistaken as being naturally based, with the drink's still syrupy sweetness stupefying any complexities the fruits could bring to the party. Overall, Amp Boost is as genial as ever, though it still is not something one could drink daily.

Amp has never been one for much energy, with the same mediocre 142 milligrams of caffeine per can. There is also: taurine, guarana, ginseng, and lesser amounts of several B vitamins. In the end, Amp Boost is an enjoyable reminder of a line nearly forgotten.

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