Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry Energy Drink Review

Asymmetrical and wild, Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry's bright blue can is refreshing against all the black on the shelf. It represents the partying market with raving success (see what I did there?), crazy and busy and crazy busy without care. Can I honestly criticize with honest criticisms something that fulfills expectations and intentions so well?

Not unlike the design, the taste here is a wild and disorganized banquet of nothing expected had it not been for all the text on the can. Bubblegum is tasted, a decent yet almost unpleasant flavor considering it is not its usual chewy self, stapled lazily to a generic blend of berries. No one fruit particularly stands out, but the experience is the sort of sour that has you puckering. Each sip is sweet too, sixty four grams sweet that remains the farthest from syrupy or overwhelming. I have never been so confused while reviewing, this is a beverage most bizarre and relentlessly creative. Whether or not I liked it is irrelevant; this is a drink not drinking as if pleasure is the point.

Each can contains: ginseng, caffeine (240 mg), B vitamins, taurine, guarana, and inositol. Combined with all the sugar and resulting 260 calories, the kick lasts nearly five jittery hours. On the whole, Rockstar Super Sours Bubbleberry is like none of the nearly 800 drinks reviewed, getting kudos more for otherness than for tastiness.

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