Friday, May 3, 2013

NOS Active Fruit Punch Energy Drink Review

From a visual standpoint, NOS Active Fruit Punch generalizes sports drinks into one incredibly bland and bombastic bottle. The logo is hardly distinct from the miscellany of words cluttering the small retail space, and the shape of the plastic container is nothing we have never seen before.

The saline solution is an uninteresting assumption of what fruit punches taste like. Drinking like something out of a kid's lunch box, cherry is predominate but vague and absent of quality; sweet but uninterestingly so, without any nuance or tartness. There is some citrus zest unsuccessfully distinct, is it lime or lemon or who knows! It is tergiversatory and improvident about it. We receive some sourness eventually, 'bout half way through the bottle, but the aforeknown brackishness battles it for dominance. It wins, but as the drinker, we lose.

Each bottle contains: caffeine (221 milligrams), taurine, vitamin B6, B12, guarana, and electrolytes. The kick lasts a stretch over three hours, not particularly potent but consistent without a crash. On the whole, NOS Active Fruit Punch may hold the attention of caffeinated muscle heads, but that is because they are stereotypically not smart.

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