Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Xenergy + Tea Raspberry Acai Energy Drink Review

The purple belt and green headband works well enough with the kindred circles of the logo, forcing the brand to be spotted and read easily on a can cluttered with text. The font for "Xenergy" is chunky and the rest is unorganized and clunky, misemphasised and excessive on a bare aluminum background that just does not work.

As disimpressive as the can is, what is held inside is a surprising surprise, a raspberry heavy flavor of lovely artificiality that luxuriates in the carbonation's noninclusion. Those looking for acai are to be despondent, but the experience is nonetheless a charming example of how to do raspberry right. It is tart but never forcefully so, a sourness with an edge of realism that brings terrific nuance to a nuance. You go probably half way through the can before you recognize that the black tea, an ordinarily bitter and potent taste, only exists on the can. Slowly the leafs poke through the flavor, but adds only depth with a flavor so sweet. To end, this is not the Xenergy hoped for, but is nevertheless a pretty darn good one.

Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and 160-ish milligrams of caffeine. There have been better buzzes, from the company even, but the kick here is the industry standard. On the whole, Xenergy + Tea Raspberry Acai represents a new direction for the company, one I am not particularly excited for.

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