Sunday, June 2, 2013

Eternal Energy Grape Energy Shot Review

This discount brand always found at Wal Mart cannot seem to remember which packaging it now uses; sharing the same layout with the Tropical Punch flavor but not the improved Pomegranate. It is confusing to me, let alone the casual consumer, but at least the design here is competent, if not unremarkable.

After the struggle that was the unperforated cap (and the subsequent tearing of half the plastic wrapper), the flavor of grape hardly pushes through the taste of chemicals and the potent dilution of water. We get some sweetness, a surprising and nearly satisfactory saccharinity that almost gloats about its artificiality to the tongue. It is mildly tart too, a moderate sourness for the grape to falsely feel like the experience was formulated with the fruit in mind. There is vacant depth to this shot of two ounces, but you can pound this back without the fear of bitterness or any astringency. Does that makes this a good shot? No, but it is easily the brand's best.

The fantastic 222 milligrams or so of caffeine per bottle gives this shot brilliant credibility. There is a tonne else in the "energy blend," but highlights include: taurine, B vitamins, and guarana. On the whole Eternal Energy Grape is a steal at $.88, something I never thought I would be saying.

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