Friday, May 31, 2013

Muscle Monster Coffee Energy Shake Review

This is among the most bold and believable energy drink spin-offs since their genesis; energy juices still too often taste like soda, and the stupid hydration drinks who rarely taste any good. This looks like something found at GNC or in a muscle-head gym, yet the Monster branding is strong and inignorable.

Do you shake the energy 'shake'? No, you do not, you will make a mess. Not too much of a mess, as the density of this canned sludge is staggering; it is like drinking sweetened condensed milk! It is supposed to taste like coffee but does not, instead is only creamy and saccharine with something of a bitter note. You can taste abstract chocolate and vanilla suspicions, supposed flavors that give the antecedent acerbity its misguided mien. Yet all the protein within, twenty five grams, never really affects the flavor much, at least not like it did with Rehab Protean. But in no time the can was emptied, gone with unexpected swiftness. And I liked it, or or at least appreciated its drinkability.

156 milligrams of caffeine- that is all I care about. Oh, and there is protein, vitamins and potassium for those who pick things up and put them down. There is also inositol, guarana, ginseng, and taurine, among others. For energy, there is only two and a half hours worth of it, but I already spend enough on these drinks, so I am not buying a gym membership to test this. Overall, Muscle Monster Coffee Shake is an interesting release that is much better than anticipated.

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Jose Hernandez said...

I am not an energy drinking person, I always avoid all energy drinks, but when Monster brought this new item into the market and I saw that it was bringing proteins, since I workout, I couldn't wait to test it, this drink is awesome!, it brings coffee, proteins & energies, and tests great!, perfect for drinking it before working out.

Sye said...

These are selling for $2 at my local Dollar General. 25g of protein per can, plus 157mg of caffeine, for $2. You cannot beat that! Lol Muscle Milk has 25g of protein per bottle, and is over $3.50!! Muscle Monster truly is a great value product from Monster packing as much caffeine as their normal drinks, which I don't drink anymore because I find them weak to be honest. Spider Energy is the strongest drink I've seen lately to grace store shelves around here, in fact I'm going to pick one up now after just having downed a Muscle Monster! I've heard 400mg of caffeine puts one in the highest performance state that can be induced by caffeine. That's about 2 strong energy drinks. Sensitive folks would do well to not try this.

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