Monday, April 15, 2013

Eternal Energy Tropical Shot Review

For eighty eighty cents at the local Wally World, this little Eternal Energy Shot certainly could have turned out optically worse. The color scheme is good but basic, with rather generic graphics and glaringly empty space above the lowercase logo. The text is probably more undistinguished (cue the "Wake Up: Feel Great: Live Healthy" slogan), and there is not any real reason why the flavor, 'Tropical Punch,' is listed both at the top and bottom.

Fragrantly chalky, the flavor is not a whole lot better. Unexpectedly bitter with a moldy texture and indistinct taste, rough notes of cherry is about how tropical things gets here. You do gradually become accustomed to the astringency, with raspberry, cranberry, and perhaps guava poking into the experience. But it is hardly premium, and even the required chaser struggled to disguise the harrowing flavor, especially as more sips were sipped. Tartness is absent and sweetness only scarcely does its job, artificial with coarse flavor its own. Overall, you will not enjoy these two ounces, plain and simple.

Aside from the usual suspects; caffeine, taurine, guarana, there are also rare faces like; quercetin, green tea, yerba mate, several fruit extracts (obviously no flavor was extracted), and a slew of long worded ingredients. The taste obviously was affected by the twenty five plus long cocktail, but it helped the kick clock in at just above two hours. It was strong and steady, without crash but far from the most potent. In the end, you do at least reap some rewards if you can stomach this.

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