Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NOS Active Acai Blueberry Pomegranate Energy Drink Review

With all the controversy surrounding energy drinks recently, it is surprising to see two of the big companies market what are essentially caffeinated sports drinks. You would think they would shy away from the gym culture all together, with caffeinated dehydration often a big concern in court. The bottle here is familiarly shaped with a much cluttered label, small and difficult to read.

Your first sip is largely unexciting; an adequate fruity beverage without personality. Blueberry certainly tasted, a decent impersonation from broad 'natural flavors,' somewhat lively and enough tart. Pomegranate is present as well, although lacking the subtle nuance expected, a stale and stock 'pomegranate' taste. Then there is the alleged acai, never explicitly tasted and is written first, and at all, on the bottle to cash in on the passing superfruit craze. There is enough realism to the sweetness, born in a lab with bit of an artificial accent. Several ounces down and a salty bite develops, expected when you have around eighteen percent of your daily intake of sodium. To end, this energy sports drink will satisfy Gatorade drinkers, but not so much energy drink drinkers.

For a twenty two ounce drink, the caffeine content is a bit low at 221 milligrams. Taurine, electrolytes, B vitamins, and green tea are also involved in the three hour long buzz. It was respectable strength, and with the slow consuming nature of a bottled beverage, lacked a finishing crash. On the whole, NOS Active Acai Blueberry Pomegranate is wholly middle of the road; could have been better, could have been worse.

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Brad Porter said...

I had this before. It didn't that salty to me. It tasted okay though.

Omegaki314 said...

Salty as fuck.

Omegaki314 said...

This is pretty salty. honestly that was my first thought when I tried it.

Lucas Huber said...

When I first opened this bottle, I was surprised to not hear the sound you get when opening a soda and when I first tasted it I thought I had bought a flat drink. I had assumed seeing it was a NOS energy drink it would be carbonated. Already disappointed by my inattention, I was even more let down by the drink's flavor being overpowered by salt. If you can get over the saltiness, the advertised flavor is present. As far as the energy side of things, I certainly felt a boost. Overall its a one and done or me.

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