Friday, April 19, 2013

Cruz Azul MojiGol! Energy Shot Review

I honestly have no idea what we have got here. Apparently from Mexico and apparently officiated with a professional football club, this hardly pronounceable shot is in Spanish and, well, I did not take Spanish in high school. Otherwise this is quite arid; no visuals outside from a a few limes in a corner, a label designer whom obviously was dispassionate about this one. Heck, they probably made this in Gimp.

Do ya remember that aforementioned 'lime' in the corner? As it turns out, that is not just the citrus, but also mint, and is about as bizarre a combination you could taste. The little green fruit is not particularly sour in this application, and is not actually the focal point like anticipated. Rather your head is constantly wrapped around the mint characteristic, a cross between NyQuil and spearmint candy. Considerably sweet, the faux cooling and stalwart saccharinity masks any trace of any bitterness and wandering chemical qualities. It is mild yet strong yet not overpowering, leaving behind the watery trademark of many shots for the more robust experience, even if it is one of sovereign eccentricity.

A quick glance at the ingredients reveals a troubling discovery; things are all of the sudden in English. And even more so disturbing is the manufacturer: NVE Pharmaceuticals. Yes, the name company responsible for the abominable Stacker 2 line! Can you locate the product the company's website? Of course not, because why would you want your best product featured there...

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