Monday, April 29, 2013

Eternal Energy Pomegranate Energy Shot Review

A considerable improvement over the brand's other (previous?) design, Eternal Energy Pomegranate comes to us in a clean two ounce bottle despite the bountiful lexicon at the bottom. It is more elegant, more balanced, although the mysterious photographer struggles not to appear in the reflection.

Knowing better, chaser was in hand at first sip. Fortunately, this thing does not require something strong to wash it down, at least not exactly. Things are a tad amaroidal but not specifically bitter, resembling pomegranate partially with a mossy mouthfeel and pungent tartness. It is not as sweet as it should have been, a predominantly sour experience with gross highlights of the earthy sharpness. Alright, halfway through with the bottle and ya remember that formerly unnecessary chaser? Well, it has becomes necessary, but does at least drown well under the tasteless brown sludge that is Caffeine Free Diet Coke (hey, I do not like it, but it was on sale...). With the bottle now empty, the repulsive flavor did wake me up, and I do feel great about finally finishing this shuddersome shot, although I am not so sure I will live too much longer with this battery acid in the stomach.

Each bottle contains: guarana, amino acids, vitamin C, green tea, taurine, B vitamins, and a mess of others who's names are too big for the lazy. Oh, and after a bit of fiddling on the web, we now know there is something around 222 milligrams of caffeine as well. The kick still does not push past two and a half, perhaps three hours, but it is nevertheless diligent and draconic. Overall, Eternal Energy Pomegranate preforms rather impressively, for what a shot is usually drank for, but goodness, two ounces is not small enough.

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