Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monster Ultra Blue Energy Drink Review

Sure, the textured matte can is indulgent on the paw, but we saw almost the same design, save for the baby blue, with Zero Ultra. Now we have an equivalently diet drink with an identically inexplicable name. With absent indication as to what this drink is, what can the user expect here? What does Ultra Blue have over the company's endless other low-calorie offerings?

The frosty can cracks open and sips super smoothly, exposing a flavor plagiarized from the business's Zero Ultra mediocrity. With the first carbonated splash comes a predominant but indistinct citrus taste with healthy notes of blue and blackberry, enjoyably tart with sufficient sweetness. Grapefruit is present but this takes it to the next level; there is a pinch more honesty to it here, with a considerably candid saccharinity and exaggerated personality. How Zero Ultra should have been, Ultra Blue drinks like the aforementioned after an energy drink; more energetic, more playful. I take it as the company's formal apology.

Each can contains: caffeine (140 milligrams), taurine, inositol, guarana, ginseng, L-carnitine, and B vitamins. There is no crash but not much of a kick either, lasting in the ballpark of three hours. On the whole, Monster Ultra Blue is as pointless as Zero Ultra, albeit better tasting.

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Kenneth Rathburn said...

I think this is definitely better than Zero Ultra. I get a small, brief bolster from it, the taste reminds me of Pepsi Blue (which I occasionally miss) and I prefer lightly carbonated beverages. Zero Ultra is just like the Rehab line in that it tastes and feels more like a refreshment; I feel little to no difference after having any of them.

Dominick said...

It tastes like liquid sour gummy worms, which I love...

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