Sunday, December 30, 2012

Monster Zero Ultra Energy Drink Review

Iconic like Coca-Cola, the Monster brand needs to try very little to look very good. The latest example is Zero Ultra, another sugar free drink, but one that promises to be different from Absolutely Zero and all their other diet offerings. Taking cues from the beer industry, its name is unique to energy drinks and births thoughts of premium and luxury, with the albino and textured can complementing the feel.

I cracked open the can and "unleashed the ultra beast," and the soft scent of Fresca and Squirt poured out and caught me off guard. The flavor only partially resembles the aforesaid sodas, sweet grapefruit and blueberry tasted in parallel. There is some rich tartness thanks to the latter, a tempered intricacy dissatisfied with its own mildness. Each sip showcases both some lemon and raspberry, the second broadening the other berry and the first forcing a slight citrus bite as the experience closes. But everything here is just so unconcerned, bordering on bland with hardly any enthusiasm. Ultimately, Monster Zero Ultra is better looking than it is tasting.

The energy blend is 1400 milligrams of: taurine, ginseng, carnitine, caffeine (135 mg), inositol, guarana and some others. There are also B vitamins. The kick lasts only three hours, if generous and not tired, and does not end with a crash. Overall, Monster Zero Ultra is a passable product that holds itself back, and even with an entirely new flavor, it takes few risks over the brand's other dozen of diet drinks.

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