Friday, December 28, 2012

Blink Lively Lemonade Energy Water Review

The yellowness of the design keeps the similarly colored logo from popping, and the white text especially has a troubled time being noticed. Even the darker words struggle to be read, thinly written without any emphasis. It is a shame too, considering the brand insignia and water droplet would look great upon a less crowded and more supportive bottle.

An inviting perfume lead me to my first sip, a shockingly decent taste from a line so consistently disappointing. The lemon in this lemonade is assiduous and thrives in the drink's effectively mild tartness and sharp sweetness. Both should be a tad more poignant, as should be the fruit firmness, but there is more flavor than expected from this energy water. But the biggest issue here is the beverage's herbal impurity, something that funks up every exposure to the sixteen ounces (thanks Stevia). But I completed this quicker than anticipated and with more pleasure than previous varieties, but that is about all the praise I can offer.

150 milligrams of caffeine provides power for a decent and steady three hours, a kick without a later crash. Each bottle also contains taurine. On the whole, with sixty calories and no bubbles, blink Lively Lemonade does not offer much over Monster Rehab or Rockstar Recovery, except maybe more a difficult time finding and finishing one.

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