Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Team Realtree Outdoor Pink Lemonade Energy Drink Review

"Not for City Girls" reads the back of this hick and sexist pink can, nicely resealable but its theme is far from my cup of tea. The background color does makes sense considering this is a pink lemonade, but with the attitude of marketing to women alienates men from comfortably enjoying the flavor.

The lemon tasted is fairly bland to this non carbonated elixir, but its tart pulp-like texture and refreshing sweetness give it life. There are forty two grams of the sweet stuff, in addition to sucralose, and the once thirst-quenching saccharinity coagulates with a slippery smooth mouthfeel. There is no depth, to either the sugariness or the citrus, but that works well here. It is everything we anticipate and enjoy from a pink lemonade, although it is a shame they did not exceed those expectations.

B vitamins, caffeine, and taurine are all that make up the ingredient cocktail, one that gives three hours or so of energy. In the end, Team Realtree Outdoor Pink Lemonade gets a, admittedly mild, thumbs up.

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