Thursday, April 25, 2013

NOS Active Raspberry Lemonade Energy Drink Review

Just so you ladies are not left out, NOS has conveniently followed the market and has a pink flavor just for you! Because ya know, energy drinks, and especially sport energy drinks, are not unisex; unless it is pink and some sort of lemonade flavored, you girls are gonna look ridiculous with this in your grip. But I digress, the label is as busy as the Berry version, and my eyes jump to the drink next door thanks to the directional arrow on the logo.

The first sip illustrates a major problem with sport drinks: its hearty eighteen percent of sodium makes for a saliferous distraction. The actual flavor is actually fairly content, the lemonade depicting little citrus but bringing successful sweetness despite its spuriousness with quite a tasty tartness. The raspberry itself is unobjectionable, not particularly complex but not as perfidious as predicted. The two are complementing, but nothing ever excites the drinker. Sips pass and all the sudden the bottle is empty, but you would never crave the flavor again. There is nothing necessarily wrong here, but there is nothing necessarily to recommend.

Taurine, B vitamins, electrolytes, green tea, and 221 milligrams of caffeine make up the ingredient cocktail, one from a newbie mixologist (bad joke; sorry for that one). There is three and a half hours to do energy heavy things, but the quantity and quality is lacking for a twenty two ounce beverage.

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