Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monster Rehab Pink Lemonade Energy Drink Review

Monster must not know that they have something like thirty drinks on any given gas station shelf, because while they may be trying to keep relevant, they are more accurately flooding the market. Does it matter even what the can looks like at this point? No; drinkers will anything that holds the fatigued 'Monster' crest, if they can find this beverage through its Brobdingnagian brethren.

Take a pound of water and a pound of that pink "lemonade" powder and mix the two. Take a sip. How's it taste? Unless you are already on your second glass, there is little to recommend here. There is apple and lemon juice making up a paltry five percent, a fraudulent flavor cloying taste buds with a consternating commensurate constraining counterfeit confectionary characteristic (welcome to the Caffeine King's "Fun with Alliteration"). The texture however, has an unexpected honesty to it, as does the experience's tartness, but those alone cannot save this strangely sapless affair.

What huh? Monster is actually letting the public know its formerly furtive caffeine content (I actually knew this; I am playing stupid for effect). This drink clocks in at 161 milligrams, with ginseng, taurine, guarana, B vitamins, inositol, electrolytes and some others also involved. The buzz lasted the usual three or so hours, nothing of particular interest here. On the whole, Monster Rehab Pink Lemonade Energy Drink is in fact an energy drink that tastes like pink lemonade, but it is not particularly good at either.

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