Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nawgan Grape Energy Drink Review

I know what they were trying here; they wanted to look intelligent, more so then they actually are, and the can is thusly pompous and grandiose. Boredom instead is explored here, a sterile and dull visual experience that demonstrates no personality with its generic fonts and the absence of stimulating graphics.

The can cracks opens, exposing a surprisingly authentic scent of what should be expected if we did not already know the line. This non-carbonated libation is loosely tart and watery on the tongue with a sweetness of decided strength, potent and rather decent from the usual ace-k and sucralose blend. But it is painfully one note, already too much only a brief sip or two in, a grape taste so lackluster that it makes kids' Kool Aid Bursts and the likes, seem like delicate experiences. But things were expected to be worse than this, so for a Nawgan, it gets a reluctant thumbs up. For a drink in general, it gets the middle finger.

There is nothing new here;  there is caffeine (110 milligrams), vitamin E, citicoline, and B vitamins. The kick lasts a stock two hours, jitter and crash free however. On the whole, Nawgan Grape is unexciting and largely unoriginal, nearly twelve ounces of nothing new.

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