Monday, July 22, 2013

Mtn Dew Baja Blast Review

A Taco Bell exclusive for years now, this obscure Mtn Dew variety really only came to my attention during a rogue trip to the "Mexican" eatery. Because of this, there is nothing to report on visually, aside from the largely white paper cup delivered via drive-thru (not unlike the lady on the other side of the window; large and white).

Dirty sweetness gives the artificial and achromatic flavors of melon and lime enjoyable sternness, and the beverage's effervescence, pungent and crude, only augment this phenomenon. Coming out of the fountain, there is a noted lack of syrupiness, a positive absence of an almost trademark quality of the soft drink brand. There is only a mild tartness, but it plays well into the experience's sugar focus, however each sip tastes the same. From my medium sized paper cup, the only thing I ever noticed different from my first straw suck was the decided taste of ice kissing the humid air.

Per sixteen ounce, there is only seventy two milligrams of caffeine. It is the brand's usual, but in the days of energy drinks and bottled coffees, there is little room for the once highly, now mildly, caffeinated soda. There is an intense novelty here, something the brand constantly strives for yet inconsistently succeeds at. So yes, this time they were successfully novel, little praise which is big for the brand.

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