Friday, July 26, 2013

E6 Fruit Punch Energy Drink Review

There is no reason to like this shot pictorially; the large "e" is nothing more than the lowercase letter in a common font, and its background is faded with little emphasis. The bottle is cluttered thanks to the little space two ounces offers, packed with text italicized pointlessly and written generically.

Chaser in hand as a safety precaution, this scentless shot never required my circumspection, practicing a taste a little more robust than expected. The fruit punch balances its flavors with skill, permitting no one from dominating the sip. Your tongue does decipher some citrus edge to a more centered berry taste, lime and clementine engaging playfully with blackberry. You notice a touch of black cherry there additionally, perhaps even some guava for exocticness, but all the fruits shy from the sweet primitiveness that is so common in a shot. The few ounces offered are sweet no doubt, but this is a surprisingly mature experience, at least considering its small size.

Each bottle contains: caffeine (150 milligrams), B vitamins, taurine, and some others I am too disinterested in writing here. "But Caffeine King," you interject, "I really want to know what else is in this product!" Well, person inside my head, if you want to know what else is held within, buy a bottle yourself.  "But Caffeine King," you again interrupt,"Why don't you just tell me, that is why I am reading your stupid blog!" Well, asshole inside my head, the fact that I am recommending you buy a bottle should tell ya all you need to know.

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