Sunday, July 28, 2013

Silk Mocha Iced Latte Review

The coffee pictured below the logo is too milky to be appetizing; either you drink it black or whiter than me. Otherwise, however, the packaging is decent, a wee too plain and certainly never tries anything new, but is far from the worst iced coffee carton seen.

Each sip is thin yet adequately fatty, fortunately unflavored of soy milk but requires perhaps another creamer. It leads tediously into the distant and uninspired taste of coffee, here unexpectedly unemphasized with a loose acidity and without any nuance. There is obligatory mocha to every sip, flat and not very chocolaty, however, lacking the depth that even chocolate milk has. While the experience is far from a bad one being wholly drinkable, it is just a beverage so distracted, trying to accomplish so many things without even accomplishing a single thing.

With probably the same sixty four gram caffeine content as its Vanilla sibling, do not go anticipating this ever replacing your morning cup o' joe. Or in reality (because coffee drinkers would not drink this), your cup of International Delight Mocha Light.

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