Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Silk Vanilla Iced Latte Review

What my recent obsession with coffee, especially the half gallon, more "coffeehouse" drinks than the traditional energy ones, is is beyond me. This is Silk's stab at the new market, and the first soy milk coffee to be reviewed here. Its carton is basic, unexceptional but what is most irritating is the glassful looks thin and undercreamed.

The body is indeed thin here, with a swirl leaving no beautiful layer of fat clinging onto the walls of your mug. It is unsurprisingly watery, impressively sweet, thanks to real sugars, but severely mis-milked with an atrocious absence of latte's distinguishing characteristic. Who cares if the vanilla flavor is any good, although it is especially authentic, if there are only silenced coffee notes and a deadened fattiness. Imagine drinking coffee milk, as in the Ocean State's official drink, but instead made with soymilk. Sound good? Then buy Silk Vanilla Iced Latte. Otherwise? Do not expect to ever see this in your shopping cart.

There are sixty four milligrams of caffeine every eight ounces, stronger than its International Delight competition, but the difference is very negligible; the kick is only a hair stronger, and lasts no longer.

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