Thursday, June 20, 2013

Xenergy + Hydration Grape Review

This is a shame; Xenergy used to mean hardcore, drinks that were always potent and tasty, and looked their best in black cans. Now however, the brand is soft, losing its previous and praised identity in repudiated tries at becoming more mainstream. Go back, Xenergy, you were great the way you were.

Imitation sweeteners bring the one-dimensional grape here down even further, to the level of a kid's Little Hug or Kool Aid Burst beverage. The fruit plays no new tune, lacking the depth expected from the company, its only personality being a bit of a salty bite from the electrolytes. Its boring array of nothing new was unfortunately yet not entirely unanticipated, but the immature understanding of grape makes one yearn for the company's flavors of years ago. Where is the depth? Where is the creativity? Where is the Xenergy I loved? I would never classify this variety as bad, as it is most definitely drinkable, but it is most disappointing.

The aforementioned electrolytes and some B vitamins are all that this "energy" drink has to provide you with energy. It does not, unsurprisingly. Its synthetic and sickly sweet flavor is never refreshing, and is not what you would or should be reaching for at the gym.

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