Sunday, June 16, 2013

International Delight Mocha Light Iced Coffee Review

Huh? Did I not just review an International Delight flavor like, yesterday? Must be runnin' out of things to review... Returning is almost the same carton, only with little chunks of chocolate instead of caramel, as well as darker brown highlights. Otherwise, this is outright identical to their unsuccessful Macchiato variety.

Poured into my tall Coca-Cola glass smuggled out of some eatery, the sepia stained solution does not exit the cup with high expectations. Perhaps that is the reason for this version's intense competence- hell, it is actually pretty damn good! It is thick, not for the eyes but certainly on the tongue, with a striking tango of mocha and coffee. Its sweetness knows how to sweeten without overthrowing the java's nuance and desired bitterness, and the chocolate's dark depth and subtly. Artificial sugars sink into the experience not unexpectedly but never distractingly, a beverage perhaps only so praised due to the brand's former abomination.

Here again is the same fifty six or so milligrams of caffeine per eight ounces, although you are likely to drink more than just a single serving. But from one, the buzz lasts only an hour or so, unfortunate but not exactly a disappointment. To end, International Delight Light Mocha Iced Coffee is a guiltless pleasure at a modest 100 calories, perhaps more enjoyable to one who's coffee maker reads "Mr. Coffee."

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