Friday, June 14, 2013

Coco Cafe Mocha Latte Review

A tropical design that again depreciates its coffee and 120 milligrams of caffeine, an uninsulting but uninteresting paper flask. The oceanscape and anchor are preset solely to pictorially press its coconut water presence, but instead almost encourages you to keep on looking down the shelf.

The heavenly perfume of chocolate milk leaves you anxious to take the first sip, one of grand disappointment and disgust. Its body is one thinner than water with a touch of coffee bitterness, but harshly absent of any delicate coffee flavor. We should be enjoying the playful nuttiness from the former and the fatty flavor of the latter, and not this lustlessly sweet and diluted disaster. My palate rejected each forced gulp, a rare moment when a chaser is not just recommended, but necessary.

There is 120 milligrams of caffeine here, but that is 'bout it. You get a kick lasting two hours or so, but be doubtful that any chemical cocktail could have made it any better. On the whole, do not buy Coco Cafe Mocha Latte. Buy their Espresso flavor instead.

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