Monday, August 6, 2012

Coco Cafe Espresso Coconut Water Cafe Latte Review

Coco Cafe Cafe Latte is nothing but coconut water, a splash of milk, and a shot of espresso. It is not a crazy cocktail full of taurine or ginseng, simply 120 mg of caffeine. That is fine by me, being the funny farm escapee who runs around calling himself the Caffeine King. It comes to us in a paper transport, like a sophisticated version of those little milk cartons we all drank through grade school. Its design does not look bad necessarily, but the coffee and caffeine content feels downplayed, and it is not particularly pictorially interesting.

It smells potently of coffee, a sign suggesting it will not be tastelessly watery or incessantly milky. And it is not, rather a fairly strong espresso with playful notes of chocolate and coconut. It is creamy but it is not dominating nor does it dilute the decoction's strength, and it is sweet but not cloyingly so. All the elements are incredibly balanced, and even the coconut water is incorporated well. You can hardly taste it, and what you can detect is worked beautifully into the coffee's complexion. Overall, Monster and Starbuck's and all other companies can learn a lot about RTD coffee from this.

From 120 milligrams of caffeine comes a two hour buzz, fast acting but never reaching a great deal of strength. In the end, Coco Cafe Cafe Latte would have sounded stupid on paper, but its execution is almost flawless.

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Bianca Nadino said...

OMG- love this stuff! I've been drinking it since it hit the market in LA. Delicious and without all that C-Rap found in other drinks.

Sara said...

Coco Cafe provides the best source of hangover relief outside of sleeping all day in a cool dark room. It's wonderful.

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