Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Loud Truck Energy Gummi Bears Citrus Blast Review

A solid black bag and a rather wicked looking bear helps this caffeinated candy from being easily mistaken as a child's treat. That is important for these "energy gummi bears," an adult alteration of the bulk bought confection. But while the packaging is clear in its marketing, it becomes a bit busy up at the top, and confusingly avoids mention of its "Loud Truck" brand.

While the thin wrap was torn with eagerness and excitement, and although these cute bears certainly look like they should, there is only ever nine of the little teddies. That is only about one mouthful, and you should not have to tear into another bag for a second. They are of the trademark rubbery and chewy texture, macerated easily by your teeth into a loose and chunky pulp. The citrus is muted, hardly resembling the sour fruits, and the sweetness is mellow thanks to the sorbitol utilization. But while the ennead do not pack a flavorful punch, they are pleasurably placid and quite addictive. There should be a few hundred calories per bag and not the restricted sixty, but my brief time spent was good enough.

Nine bears bear: taurine, vitamin C, H, and B12, and only thirty two milligrams of caffeine. The latter is another reason the bags should hold more gummy mammals, as the buzz barely broke the hour bar. Overall, Energy Gummi Bears Citrus Blast's weakness is how weak it is.

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