Friday, August 10, 2012

Xenergy Tangerine Twister Energy Drink Review

Without the oft criticized UFC character distracting the design, my opinion should be high, however the bare aluminum simply overwhelms the little color on the can. It is an empty canvas from a painter without much on his palette, an unfortunate return that looks so surprisingly worse than the expected black of other recent varieties.

The pheromones released are respectful and soft, suggestions of what would follow I did believe. But the flavor packs a punch, an almost brutal baptism of a one dimensional and creamy tangerine taste. It is somewhat tart and carefully sweet, with thick edges of carbonation and a thin upholstering of mango. The richness to the namesake citrus is initially unmistakable, as is the first sip and how smooth each one is after despite its passionate effervescence. I was worried how a tangerine Xenergy would differentiate itself from the Orange Fuel flavor from years prior, but they did it with flying colors.

Each can contains: caffeine (184mg), taurine, guarana, ginseng, and several B vitamins. The kick lasted a little over three hours, a strong trilogy of sixty minutes that began before the can was emptied. All in all, my favorite Xenergy may still be Cherry Lime, but their creative Tangerine Twister is an unexpected second.

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