Sunday, August 12, 2012

Green-Up Tropical Energy Drink Review

Green-Up's can is certainly green, but with that I only understand half of its name. What is so 'up' about this drink is a mystery, as is the identity of the creature who presents only their eye. But that is digging too deep into things; the can is questionably small but balanced, however the logo fights with the aforementioned eye to be the first thing your's notices.

Open goes the can and taken is my first sip. Chilled but far from frozen, the drink's effervescence is enervated and the texture is thin. The flavor is unfocused, with a piercing tartness and herbal bite. It is rather pleasing however, with an overarching pineapple and subjacent kiwi taste. Further down are suggestions of red grape and guava, followed by vaguer notes of mandarin and peach. The following fruit cocktail remains sterile of influence from the paramount pineapple, and the predominate picks up nothing from the beneath blend. It is a dissonant experience, one unadventurous despite its exotic inspiration.

Each can contains: guarana and eighty milligrams of caffeine. It advertises being taurine free, something that would have made an old friend red with rage. But the kick here is middling, lasting well under two hours with some jitters. In the end, Green-Up Tropical is a decent distraction who is distracted itself.

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