Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rocket Chocolate Peanut Butter Review

The red is less overwhelming than was the brown of the company's English Toffee Latte variety, but the diminutive wrapper is as boring as ever. The rocket is a bit more defined here, but that is not a good thing considering it is wildly out of place on something caffeinated.

The texture may be surprisingly soft, but there is little peanut butter or chocolate to taste. By containing no actual ground nuts and only artificial flavoring, you struggle alone with the cheap taste of low-quality chocolate and the burn of caffeine. There is coconut oil however, giving the bar a mushy presence that melts unrealistically and without satisfaction. A chaser is required thanks to the everlasting bitterness of the stimulant, however it helps little to lighten the bitter bite. Overall, I have had better energy chocolates before, none part of this line.

Each piece contains only caffeine, approximately forty two milligrams, and from one the buzz lasts an unimpressive hour or so. On the whole, Starbuzzer's Rocket Chocolate Peanut Butter disappoints even when no expectations were held.

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