Saturday, August 4, 2012

4C Totally Light Tea 2 Go Energy Rush Tea 3-Pack Review

This hopelessly long named three pack of energy teas comes in a decent enough box, thick with words and a bit busy, but gets its point across. The green and yellow sachets jump off of the nice red background, but with all the text scrolling across it is easy to miss the "energy" motif. There are three flavours but they all sound nearly identical; all are teas and flavored with lemon. Sure, one has green instead of the mystery "iced" tea, and one claims to be not just lemon but "lemonade," but until we start mixing they are confusingly parallel.

This green tea variety is certainly the one I am the least looking forward too and is aptly named. The lemon shines weakly through the dense clouds of the colored tea, itself not bitter but unpleasantly organic with a devastatingly watery finish. There is no sweetness to pierce the heaviness of the brewed leaves, and the sixteen ounces sip at a monotonous pace.

“Iced Tea with Lemon” reads the packaging of the next flavor, but ignore that and its rather attractive aroma, this muddy brown mix tastes uncharacteristically weak. The lemon is lusterless and conflicts with the domineering tea, slimy textured and somewhat earthy. It is a decent, appropriate bitterness however, but its issue is its dimensionless complexion and uncooperative attitude. But if we are discussing problems here, we must make mention of the unenthused sweetness, something making the sixteen ounces sip at a crawl, an oily, diluted crawl.

The finale of the three is easily the best (how could it be worse?), with the lemonade to tea ratio giving the experience not only a more potent sweetness but also some beneficial tartness. But this Arnold Palmer is an insult to the golfer, a watery exercise and not the flavorful refreshment it should be. There is barely any tea tasted, and the aforementioned other half would never sell even if the cutest kid sold it at the end of the street. Plus, when the sham sugars are not avoiding doing their job, they contribute an aftertaste as well; another sixteen ounces grossly gulped simply to end the misery.

Each packet contains: caffeine(160mg), taurine, and B vitamins. The kick was three or so hours, causing no jitters and leaving no one crashed. In the end, you do not have to read between lines or look up definitions to understand my hatred for these.
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Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon this. Surprised your review is so bad. I dont drink coffee much and these are great and don't taste any worse then some other instant teas. I wish they were more readily avail in stores where I am. Ive ordered on ebay a few times and find there quite good. They certainly don't taste any worse then like rockstars so called tea etc. They just taste like sweetened tea. Now the 4c liquid those don't taste like tea at all!

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