Thursday, August 2, 2012

Worx Extra Strength Energy Shot Review

Worx is a pretty pathetic name for anything, let alone an energy shot, with it appearing as if it needs to be constantly reassured that it does indeed work. Plus, sharing the name, minus the spelling, of a local gym does not help me take the product seriously. Its bottle is not all that much better however, with the banal black and white colour scheme not raising any attention for its unimaginative self.

With both a twist off and an inner seal, Worx is as frustrating to actually open as is its stock taste. I mean, the lack of anything medicinal or bitter is huge for any energy shot, but the flavour is a cheaply sweet blend of inept berry and citrus. You can not taste much of either, although the latter displays a solid sourness that is partially puckering and gives the palate something to finally play with. Each of few sips is better than the last, with a mild intensifying of the acidity exciting something of a raspberry and lemon out their respected monotonous category. For a dollar at Big Lots, you could be a lot more pungent, but you could also be a lot more playful.

This incredibly generic shot has an anticipatedly shoal ingredient cocktail, providing one with nothing more than your typical two hour buzz. Each bottle contains: caffeine, taurine, inositol, B vitamins, and stuff I never find myself listing. All in all, Worx Extra Strength is a cardboard cutout of something not very good itself.

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