Tuesday, July 31, 2012

XS Cherry Blast Energy Drink Review

XS Cherry Blast logo is mysteriously succeeded by the text “Powered by Pomegranate,” insinuating both the fruit's involvement in the flavor and buzz. And while I cannot vouch that it will do much in the name of energy, it could give the taste some depth. But we can discuss flavors and tastes later, and for now let us close this paragraph with one puny sentence, stating my surprised liking for the red with the design.

Cherry drinks can go either one of two routes: a candied path or the realistic approach. The flavor here attempts the latter two-fold, with a simple foundation of sweetness that supports the iron tartness. This sourness respects the honest complexion of the fruit, and gives the experience an impressive edge of realism. But while we do get some tartness, a lot of it, the flavor is suggested more in theory than in actuality, as there really is never any moment of pure cherry bliss. The sugariness should also be a pinch sturdier, but is a minor complaint until we get more flavor.

We get some caffeine, B vitamins, ginseng, taurine, and other herbs to help us tackle the day. The resulting kick lasts only about an hour and a half, but with a name like “XS,” which sounds like “excessive,” the can should offer an excessive amount. In the end, Cherry Blast is one of the better attempts in the line, but it still cannot break the shackles of mediocrity that the company crest imposes.

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