Thursday, January 15, 2015

Verve Bold Energy Drink Review

Verve Bold's can is quite playful considering its black background, but that juxtaposition works to its favor. Text is sparse and there is never much going on, yet it lacks any dead space; a demonstration of dynamite design. But the size, eight ounces, is still too small.

The muted odors of bubble gum and vitamins flood from the can, your mouth cowers and your eyes water. But what splashes our tongues is not quite that, but not quite much else. Lost deep in every sip are bereft nuances of tangerine and peach, a pair hastily cobbled together into a barren eidolon of the fruits, flavors rough around the edges if you could even taste them. There is some funky vitamin hints corrupting every gulp, however the green tea's trivial bitterness provides some adequate distraction. Then there is the sweetness, as in how there is not much of any! Xylitol, cane sugar, and stevia do their worst here, a nonfunctional trilogy that are simply words on the can. They pervert an already discomposed and dissatisfactory drink into a more reasonless experience. I am always most fortunate when samples are supplied for review, but damn am I unlucky this time.

120 milligrams of caffeine must be what makes this so "bold," but it alas is a misprint, as the correct spelling is "boring." The kick is nothing special being so small, lasting an hour and a half. Other ingredients include: taurine, d-ribose, inositol, B vitamins, and others. On the whole, Verve Bold is not very good. It is actually pretty darn bad.

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