Monday, September 28, 2015

Arizona Caution Fruit Punch Energy Drink Review

Another Cation drink from Arizona, this time Fruit Punch. Its can is silly despite the "extreme" plastered across and the "RX" logo, several ounces too small and many grams of caffeine too low.

The scent has a thick organic edge, a pungent aroma that burns through the otherwise stale fruit punch perfume. It does not taste much better; a dense texture that crawls across your palate as you gulp. The vitrified twelve ounces are dominated by strawberry and pear, a musty blend lacking both the verisimilitude or the sweetness to be either a natural or a candied, respectively, take on the fruit punch sobriquet. Pineapple and cherry add depth to to each sip, protracted savors lacking refinement, but serendipitously give each mouthful the illusion of nuance. HFCS leave behind a slippery syrupy film as you swallow, and obese and unpleasant slime rich in an abridged aftertaste of this disappointing Arizona potable.

Each can contains: some B vitamins, taurine, caffeine (115 milligrams), inositol, guarana, ginseng, l-carnitine, and milk thistle. The buzz is pretty petty, lasting an hour and a half and is of unspectacular strength. Overall, take the "caution" in the name as a warning.

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