Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rockstar Boom Whipped Orange Energy Drink Review

This bright aluminum transport pops off of the shelves, with its orange to yellow gradient and attention-grabbing font. It is cluttered, that is for sure, but its asymmetrical and no-holds appearance helps it stand out amongst the myriad of other similarly-colored cans.

Everything is equally sweet and tart, a vaguely milky orange taste that is as dry as it is dimensionless. There is not one sip that fills you with wonder; its sixty four grams of sugar is too saccharine for the underdeveloped creamy artifice, your sherbet expectations are shattered at first gulp. Real orange juice, well, all two percent of it, only carries the beverage so far, and the unenthusiastic quantity of skim milk and cream provides only the obscurest of fatty texture to this lightly carbonated potable. It is a flat, puerile experience that misses its rather interesting, if gimmicky, target by a most disappointing mile.

Each can contains: taurine, caffeine (160 milligrams), inositol, milk thistle, ginseng, guarana, B vitamins and 260 calories. For all the empty carbohydrates, there is not as much of the white bitter stimulant as I would have hoped, resulting in a two and a half hour long buzz, with something of a crash afterward. To end, Rockstar Boom Whipped Orange is a big-named novelty energy drink that fails to deliver on its kitsch premise.

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