Wednesday, October 14, 2015

AMP Passion Fruit Energy Drink Review

AMP is a line that seems to be reinvented every day, but that typically only extends to a slight change in ingredients and a fresh coat of paint on the can. What we have here is completely new for the line: a passion fruit themed cooler. It comes in an almost sexy black transport, with sharp purple and white accents. It falters though when you toss the golden yellow into the mix, as well as the grotesque graphics of the vegetation.

A pungent aroma, a very NOS-inspired scent pours from the freshly gaped can, and similar flavor as well splashes onto your tongue. It is refreshingly sweet and slenderly sour, unanticipatedy smooth sipping with a lathering, not prickly or sticky, texture. The passion fruit flavor is potent and explodes across your palate at every sip, never to expose its shadowy depth, an experience absent of the refined perniciousness the sapor resembles after the opening discharge. Every imbibe is heavy and rich despite its simplicity, with only the dimmest subtleties of kiwi and pear to be found. However the distressing employment of HFCS causes the once couth mouthfeel to gum-up in the second half of the sixteen ounces, removing the much lauded maturity found in the first segment. Overall, AMP Passion Fruit's taste is a mixed bag, its unbridled commitment to one thing, only to then jump ship for the opposite, creates a beverage too inharmonic to merely praise the good moments, even though they are very good moments.

Each can contains: caffeine (157 milligrams), B vitamins, guarana, taurine, and ginseng. The kick is trifling for the size and price paid, offering only two hours worth of energy. In the end, AMP Passion Fruit is so close to being better than it ends up being. That is, clumsy and dissonant.

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