Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spider Pucker Punch Energy Drink Review

Pucker Punch is the latest flavor in this almost forgotten arachnid line of energy drinks, obviously the obligatory fruit punch variety. Its can is a bright red and fits the bill for the aforementioned flavor, but gone is the edge of the brand, the hardcore aspect is traded for its new, luminous coat of paint.

A zero percentage of juice matters none in the flavor to this new Spider variety; vibrant sweetness, a bold cocktail of vegetation, and yes, a puckering tartness. Cherry, lime, and tangerine are the forerunners of every sip, a potent opening trilogy blended almost seamlessly with no one fruit taking command. Pineapple and guava are flavors enviously tampered and tasted a notch below, a duet that brings the depth expected from any good fruit punch. Saccharinity needs to be addressed; there is (only) thirty grams of the sweet stuff to sweeten the stuff, leaving sucralose to pick up any slack. It does, the two do their job with enough pizzazz and without any syrupy or artificial bite. Overall, Pucker Punch fails to reinvent the wheel, but it did not set out to. Instead, this is a mid-calorie, tasty punch made better by its ninety nine cent price tag.

Each can contains: 120 calories, taurine, l-carnitine, ginseng, guarana, green tea, and 240 milligrams of caffeine. That last part really tickles my innards, crafting a three and a half hour buzz almost unheard of for a reduced calorie drink. In the end, Spider Pucker Punch's potency, inexpensiveness, and pleasant flavor forgive its mediocre appearance.

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