Friday, October 30, 2015

Monster Khaos Energy Juice Review

Monster Khaos was a pretty tasty drink six years back, at least that is what my review says. But its can has been stripped of its ironclad visuals and saturated in pure orange dreariness. Oh sure, there are some desultory shapes scattered in the saturated colored colorlessness, but they add clutter rather than personality. The can is also textured, but so what? It seems the entire line has some sort of coarse aluminum surface, and my fingers lost interest varieties ago.

Halcyon carbonation welcomes the tongue too much sweetness for the flavors of apple and orange. The former lacks the soup├žon of any particular variety, though the latter shines with moments of the smaller tangerine. But the fruit punch party is far from over, at least in terms of complexity: nonessential nuance of pineapple brings more sugariness to each saccharine sip, and some peach provides an unwelcome roughness to the otherwise palmy effervescence. There are probably more peripatetic produce to any given gulp, but it is hard caring with its cloying stickiness, jejune pacing, and utter absence of sourness. For thirty percent juice, it certainly do not drink that way; dear Monster, quit texturing your cans and give your drinks some texture! Khaos drinks with zero depth despite a lot going on, and is no different from Juiced Energy and ...lost 5-0 and every other energy juice from the latter half of the last decade. It is a dance not worth dancing yet danced far too many times.

The energy from this is of a simpler time, when the brand did not have quite so many varieties and the Caffeine King used smaller words. Be prepared for perhaps three hours of energy from this antiquated ingredient cocktail. Each can contains: caffeine (154 milligrams), taurine, ginseng, guarana, l-carnitine, inositol, vitamin A and B vitamins. Overall, whether Monster Khaos is any good is irrelevant; in 2015 a company should not be so stubbornly nostalgic over its own product to waste time repackaging it only to taste just as it always has.

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