Saturday, November 7, 2015

Rockstar Boom Whipped Strawberry Energy Drink Review

Similar to its orange sibling, the can to this Rockstar Boom is bombastic and unfocused, tossing a myriad of text and shapes at your eyes. It is not pretty and intentionally so; the bright red captures your attention instantly, and its crazy organization does not let it go.

Strawberry milk perfumes pour out from the top of the can, reminiscent of last year's warmly received Muscle Monster variety of the same flavor. However, Rockstar takes a wildly different approach from both that and the other aforesaid Boom drink. On the tongue firstly is a thinly textured but weighted fluid, a milky mouthfeel with not enough milky taste. There is skim milk and pure cream somewhere in the long list of ingredients, but no sip convinces you of this, you instead finding yourself double-checking the backside of the can just to make sure. Next up to bat is the strawberry, tasted completely separate from the creamy artifice and lacks both a fresh tartness and honeying sweetness, the fruit unprosperously natural or candied and instead an awkward hybrid. Eventually the fruit does become something its own, maturing with a shocking level of depth despite the domesticated sourness. 280 calories for what feels like two or three drinks aimlessly stitched together, this latest extension of the brand is wonderfully chaotic and bizarre that I can only recommend for being just that.

Each can contains a ton of sugar (sixty six grams), the previously mentioned calorie count, B vitamins, milk thistle, ginseng, guarana, and 160 milligrams of caffeine. The buzz is decidedly lackluster, preforming more like a grade-school sugar rush than anything else, lasting two or so hours with one heck of a crash. In the end, Rockstar Boom Whipped Strawberry is a silly, dizzy, and irrelevant beverage that is only worth purchasing when goofiness is valued over cohesiveness, flavor, or potency.

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frasico022 said...

The food looks amazing and such a fun venue!

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite energy drinks and since sampling it a few months ago it has replaced original Monster as my go to energy drink. The flavor is full and rich and the strawberry creamy flavour lingers. It might be personal taste but these drinks are amazing.

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