Monday, November 23, 2009

Java Monster Loca Moca

After a mediocre Rockstar Latte, I decided to try one of the remaining flavours in the Java Monster line, and Market Basket only had Loca Moca, so it looks like it will have to do. The term "mocha" is usually associated with chocolate flavoured coffee, so that's what I'm expecting from Loca Moca. My personal preference when it comes to coffee is vanilla, so I can't say that I'm all too excited to review Java Monster Loca Moca.

FIRST IMPRESSION: The can is not up to par will Java Monster Russian, but it is still better than Big Black or Original. The design isn't at all cluttered and the wood grain texture with the clawed "M" are real intimidating. Loca Moca's lay out is clean and attractive, but at the same time threatening, which is a major improvement over the lackluster Rockstar Latte can.

TASTE: Without creating a mess, I opened the can and took a sip. The flavour begins a creamy blend of bitter coffee and sweet, smooth chocolate. A spike of sweetness appears between the shift from coffee to chocolate. It's not overwhelming and is the sweetest part of the experience. The creaminess tastes more like skim milk than actual cream, which is a little disappointing. The chocolate is stronger than the bitter coffee, and the chocolate is more of a milk than dark chocolate, which is good or bad depending on who you are. A creamy film is left in your mouth after each sip, making it the only real after taste. Overall, Loca Moca tastes great and does the line justice.

KICK: Each fifteen oz. can contains about: 200 calories, forty percent of your daily intake of calcium, four percent of your daily intake of Vit. A, 100% of your daily intake of Vit. C, twenty percent of your daily intake of Vit. D, 2000mg of Taurine, caffeine, ginseng, and 200% of your daily intake of Vit. B2, B3, B6, 12, and phosphorous. As you probably can imagine, I got one pretty impressive kick. For around four or so hours I felt jittery and awake, and the rush ended in a decently hard crash. While nothing I haven't seen before, it was more powerful than the average coffee, and come to think of it, more powerful than the average energy coffee.

FINAL WORDE: The Java Monster line was one of the first energy coffee's I remember seeing, and compared to the small selection of other energy coffee's I've reviewed, they really have stood the test of time. For the most part, the line has beat out its rivals by providing a more effective kick, more savory taste, and better executed can. Of what I've reviewed, in the Mocha coffee category, Loca Moca's only real competitor is Starbucks Mocha, and with its ho-hum can, bitter taste, and unimpressive kick, there really isn't any competition...4.2/5

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Gordon Wayne Watts said...

How many mg of caffeine is in this? I ask because it lists caffeine AFTER the acsorbic acid (Vitamin-C) content, implying it has equal or less amount. Therefore, I would infer it has less than 60mg of caffeine (that is, less than 1 day's USRDA of V-C). However, your description implies a lot more caffeine content per can. Furthermore, I recall seeing another website, which says it has like 190mg of caffeine per can. Thank you, in advance, for any clarification here.

Gordon Wayne Watts in LAKELAND, between Tampa & Orlando, Fla., U.S.A.

Gordon Wayne Watts said...

PS: I forgot to add in my online comment (which is awaiting moderation) -- this here: I recently drank two Arizona Energy drinks, each with supposedly 138mg caffeine. I drank them 2 hours apart, one at about 11:27am, right before a heavy weightlifting workout, and another about 2 hrs later, at about 1:27pm, right after thw workout. I felt ABSOLUTELY NO buzz or anything. However, in the past, when I've combined a small 8-ounce Red Bull (80mg caffeine) and a 5-Hour Energy (80mg caffeine), on some occasions, I've had a racing heartbeat, nervous sweats, and such. This implies that it was the excess B-Vitamins, such as B-3 or more likely B-6, that caused a reaction, since they had only 160mg caffeine, much less than either the Moca Loca probably did or the two 12-ounce "99-cent" Arizona Energy drinks: 138 times 2 is almost 280mg!)

So, I think that the caffeine content is much less a problem than I'd initially thought. Nonetheless, I'd still appreciate your take on the Moca Loca.

Gordon Wayne Watts

Anonymous said...

I'm drinking a Loca Moca right now and it says on the can 188mg caffeine.

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