Sunday, November 15, 2015

Energa Maxx Power Energy Drink Review

Energa was picked up at a dumpy, off course convenience store, where there was a deal going for two drinks for four dollars. Being only eight something ounces, the flavor and potency must be remarkable for that price. Its can, however, does not get the ball rolling; stock blue and red checker pattern atop a insipid aluminum backdrop, complete with an unexciting name typed in generic font.

Holy Red Bull, Batman, this is a clone! Unsurprisingly so, given the can; our first sip is clammy vanilla with medicinal tartness and a thick varnish of gooey sugariness. There is a bantam mention of apple here, a favorite in this popular rip-off flavor template, lost within the aforementioned spice taste and saccharinity. Bubble gum notes poke through in each imbibe, hardly making an impression but do briefly break the monotony. Twenty seven grams of high fructose corn syrup seals and coats the tongue and mouth in tacky lacquer of relentlessly syrupy sweetness, both of which remain even as your sip is sipped. It is hard to actually sum up a regurgitated, maudlin experience like this- wait, actually, that will do.

The kick does not provide the "Maxx Power" promised in its needlessly long name; an hour is probably all you will get here; I know that is all I got. Each can contains: B vitamins, taurine, caffeine, and inositol. To end, the beverage's website, found below, says that "if it is not Energa, it is not energy." That is a pretty good slogan. Too bad it is puffery.

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