Friday, September 4, 2015

Fruit Punch LIFE Energy Drink Review

There are many problems here; twelve ounces is four too small and the bare silver of the naked aluminum has no style. Plus, "Let It Fly Energy" is uselessly acronymed with glaring red dots that blur into the red belt below and fruit adjacent. Nevertheless, the can here is more confident and sophisticated than it has any right to be, with plenty of clean lines and ample sharp edges; sightly but never worth thinking about.

Sugar free with Stevia and sucralose, a bitter scent only makes the refreshing, if ill-defined, fruit punch all the more surprising and genial. Is there citrus? How about strawberry? Raspberry? Any berry? A quick glance at the can renders my description moot; you see the fruits, so why should I type 'em? But only the tongue can discover how balanced they are, sweetness simulating the vegetation's own saccharinity wonderfully. Carbonation is numb and every sip is stiff and almost a challenge; a negative or a positive? Well, neither, but it certainly is interesting to drink.

Each can contains: B vitamins, caffeine, ginseng, vitamin C, and some others. The buzz was unexciting, lasting an hour and a half, maybe two, though without jitters or crash afterword. In the end, LIFE Fruit Punch Energy is tasty but unmemorable.

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