Saturday, September 12, 2015

Stacker 2 Enraged Raspberry Review

For a raspberry drink, there is too much focus on other colors, namely the gross gold. The baby blue never reminds me of its suggested flavor and is inappropriately childish for anything with caffeine. The the original was untidied and ugly can, but one with something of a personality. Now it is a bit more organized, but is completely generic.

The ice-pop stable interpretation of raspberry is present here but splashes the tongue with more restraint than it should. It is only slightly sweet and even less tart, concocting this maladroit but wholly humdrum hybrid between a child's sweetmeat and the actual fruit. My tongue declared some cranberry suggestions, an anemic note who's presence provides distraction instead of depth. Some metallic staining perverts the water of each gulp, an ugly underbelly to the vitreous blue nectar. The subsequent layer almost resembles cotton candy if not for the deadened saccharinity, an ambiguous taste that ends every sip with an almost powdery bite. Its lack of commitment is a shame, especially considering how unvaried the raspberry behaves during the perfunctory eight ounces.

Each can contains: 112 calories, B vitamins, taurine, caffeine and inositol. You are lucky to get an hour and a half buzz out of this puny potable, a kick as potent as Sanka. Overall, Stacker 2 Enraged Raspberry has caffeine and is drinkable. Those are about the only things it gets right.

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