Thursday, September 22, 2016

Little Miracles Lemongrass Tea and Ginseng Organic Energy Drink Review

The bottle here is nice, its easy to read and things flow fairly well. But it is the name that is the problem: "Little Miracles Lemongrass Tea and Ginseng Organic Energy." It is long-winded and vague, and is not explicitly stated on the bottle; I had to look on the company's website. A note to energy drink makers, do not make me do that.

First sip is tart, the non-carbonated potation resting heavily on the tongue without any verve or enthusiasm. Its taste makes up for the monotonous texture, a clement and indistinct nuance from the lemongrass and a more robust orange flavor. But its the ginger that really pushes the envelope, its spicy kick that is homey and warming in an otherwise traditional experience. Its sweetness, nineteen and a half grams of sugar all from agave syrup, is beautiful, sweetening each sip with a faded thickness and pleasant full body.

Each eleven plus ounce bottle contains lemongrass tea extract and ginseng, making its caffeine content, if any, impossible to discover online or on its plastic container. Its kick misses a turbo-shot of my namesake chemical, and any effect found resembles drinking water on a hot sunny day more so than drinking your morning coffee. In the end, Little Miracles Lemongrass Tea and Ginseng Organic Energy is a tasty distraction that will have its audience, just not on my site.

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