Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Bomba Classic Energy Drink Review

A recent trip to a dumpy surplus store has left me with six varieties of the Bomba line, an insane looking brand with grenade-shaped glass bottles. They even have a little pull tab to simulate the pin on the small explosive!

This golden elixir has the wretched scent of the worst Red Bull clone; but the flavor somehow escapes tasting like one. It is saccharine and packed with the tastes of bubble gum, vanilla, and apple, a trilogy only slightly tart but serendipitously never syrupy. Its petite size, clocking in at just above eight ounces, means it is an experience that never overstays its welcome, despite its unoriginality. And the glass bottle gives every sip a clean climax, without the metallic perversion of aluminum cans or the polymer sapor of plastic bottles. It is a shocking revelation; this is quite the refreshing beverage and boarders on the line of being enjoyable.

Each bottle contains: 123 calories, twenty eight grams of sugar, several B vitamins, taurine, and caffeine, seventy five milligrams according to the internet. Its kick is the least impressive characteristic here, lasting less than an hour. Overall, Bomba is not a bomb, but it is not the bomb either.

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