Thursday, November 17, 2016

Mtn Dew Game Fuel Mango Heat Soda Review

With another big game release comes another Mtn Dew variety, however, this time the soda brand spices things up with a promising name like "Mango Heat." But its bottle is clumsy and cluttered, speaking only to gamers and not to the general soda drinker.

What a disappointment! The mango taste here is muted behind numerous layers of saccharine orange and apple, among nuances of pineapple, lime and guava. But there is a cascading blandness over each sip, with each of the many individual tastes increasingly diluted to their most basic self and without their own idiosyncrasies. But the heat is the most unfortunate thing; there simply is not much here! Sips come and go without any potency, and it was about half a bottle in before the slightest spiciness kicked in. Lamentably though, it was like putting a dash of pepper on a giant pot of flavorless oatmeal. High fructose corn syrup, sucralose and ace-k do the sweetening, but the entire bottle contains just forty six grams of sugar. This makes the drink significantly less syrupy as previous flavors, but that ends up being the only recommendable thing here.

Calories are a modest 170- well, modest for the line. It is interesting to find there is 113 milligrams of caffeine here (which is higher than the original's ninety one), when the recent rival, Mutant Super Soda, contains just two milligrams more. Overall, this is a terrible Mtn Dew drink, despite its strides for a less caloric beverage.

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