Saturday, May 20, 2017

Red Bull The Summer Edition Grapefruit Twist Energy Drink Review

Another summer comes another "Summer Edition" from the Red Bull family, this time grapefruit. Its can is quite attractive; it is simple, easy to read, and has a good balance of colors. But this naming convention, the whole "summer" thing gets confusing when you remember that the company has used this nom de plume in the past, only to change its name once the season ends.

The actual grapefruit flavor here is light, an ulterior taste that is never on the forefront of your tongue during the few gulps the twelve ounce can offers. The morning favorite fruit is shrouded behind the sweetener system, one that is at the same time syrupy and grainy. Thirty seven grams of sugar, sucrose and glucose, the saccharinity here builds in the back of your throat, clamming it to a saccharine halt where the sugariness is swiftly knocked aside by the potation's acidity. This tartness is otherwise understated throughout the experience, but it comes close to climaxing here, its potency augmenting until it collapses without much of a payoff- but that works here in cementing the beverage's reticent disposition. I liked every sip this Red Bull offered, an explorative take on a flavor not often experimented with.

Power is this drink's biggest flaw, a taciturn kick that stumbles on itself with only 114 milligrams of caffeine, B vitamins, and taurine. This produces only an hour and a half long buzz; tomfoolery I cannot sanction at its retail price of three plus bucks.

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