Sunday, May 28, 2017

Maddox Sugar Free Energy Drink Review

Maddox Sugar Free's albino can gets the job done; it promotes its Austrian Alps artifice, has a slogan (Feel the Power), but it is tough to know this is diet with a quick glance. Its logo and low-calorie declaration is written in a font just a smidge too small, and following the swoosh at the bottom moves my eyes off of the can instead of around it.

Sugar Free Maddox's sweetener system of aspartame and ace-k is serviceable, but there is a touch of artificial aftertaste left after every sip. But it is buried deep beneath the beverage's tartness; even the flavors of vanilla and apple, with a touch of bubble gum, are lost in the wave of acidity, never holding conviction of the experience. But the star of this eight ounce drink is its sourness; it pierces your palate and holds on all the way through, and even some after you have recycled the can. It is a divisive decision, but I applaud its unbridled enthusiasm for a singular aspect of a beverage.

The kick lasts an hour and a half; that is the standard for eighty milligrams of caffeine. Other ingredients include taurine and B vitamins, and contains seven calories. In the end, Maddox Sugar Free is a Red Bull clone, but its taste has a focus, and it barrels towards that goal; it will pick up its fans on the journey.

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